Outer (and inner) space

2013-07-24 Aberfforest2013 006

I love this place. It’s “just” a little bay, somewhere in Wales. Going there expands me. Thinking about it expands me, relaxes me, releases dopamine. But I don’t go there very often. So how come it is so important to me? When we visit places, we internalise them. A potent mixture received by the senses imprints itself as a memory. Good or bad. In this case, the smell of beach fires, the sound of tiny waves, the feel of slate on my feet, the taste of salty water and the sight of – well, just look at that image.

I offer you to think about your favourite place. Go there in your mind now. Gently consider how it stimulates your senses. Enjoy any feelings of peace or release or awe or safety. Sit in those feelings until you are full up.

You can recall this place whenever you need to, and counteract negative feelings knowing you can generate positive, supporting ones.

I’d love to hear about your special places if you’d like to share!

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