Bringing creativity to life

It’s been a while since my last post! Today a quick piece about using creativity when you are “stuck” illustrated by a personal example.

I’m writing a(nother) book. I’m not a published author so no need to check Amazon just yet. It’s slow progress. Today I was tied up in knots regarding some key concepts. So I decided to practise what I preach to clients and look for alternative ways of viewing the problem. I tried mind-mapping, but really needed to SEE what was happening and what the solutions could be. I have a healthy collection of playdough for clients of all ages. I turned to this and let myself make rough representations of the concepts. I also have a good collection of figures for sand play work – and realised they would really help where my modelling skills were lacking.

Lo and behold, the issues began to unravel and, in fact, new exciting solutions began to present themselves.

How can you use this approach in your everyday life? If you have a personal issue, an issue with colleagues or family or anything else, consider if “seeing” the situation would help. Perspective, bird’s eye view, what ever you want to call it. Give yourself a chunk of time for this exercise, where and when you won’t be disturbed. Find objects to represent the people or issues. These could be pebbles, buttons, kitchen utensils, children’s toys, stationery items….anything! Move them around until you feel they are in the right place. Notice how you feel, towards the objects, towards the situation. Sit with the situation and consider different approaches, or different outcomes. Move the objects accordingly and notice your reactions. Trust yourself. You’re “playing” with ideas. Be fanciful, be bold! You’ll know when you have reached a conclusion, even if that conclusion is you need to spend more time on this issue or you need to talk to a specific person. As you finish, have a Bagpuss moment and make sure you unburden the objects of the personalities or concepts you applied to them. For example, the pepper grinder is no longer Auntie Ann and is just a pepper pot again etc.

The secret is to “play” with the ideas, and in play, a natural and creative solution may present itself to you. It’s worth a try?

Let me know if you have any success with this!

One thought on “Bringing creativity to life

  1. Creative play is such a valuable way of bringing energy to an issue that can seem quite inert. Your writing projects sound interesting. I am just gearing up for NaNoWriMo (national novel writing month) and, in fact, will be writing about therapy. Although I am still working through last year’s project so empathise a lot with the phrase in your blog about it being a slow process! One of my favourite quotes speaks to creative blocks: “‘If you have creative blocks build castles!”. I like it very much because it reminds us of the need for playfulness in the creative process.


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