Showing up for our selves

Therapy is tough. You give yourself a space to work with yourself, sit with difficult feelings, memories, character traits, coping mechanisms. And sometimes the last thing you want to do is work on yourself precisely because it can hurt and be deeply uncomfortable. Some days it just feels like too much. What do you do on those days? You’ve paid. You’ve committed to your therapist you’ll be there. You could just write the session off. Make an excuse. Not show. And of course, that’s fine.

But what if, instead, you turn up for your session and explain how you feel? That can be an amazing moment, to realise you have the courage, the committment, the respect for the therapeutic relationship, and trust that your difficult feelings will be acknowledged, respected, and held. And, quite often, it is in these sessions that the biggest shifts occur. You’re challenging previous patterns of avoidance, or feeling you will be overwhelmed by your own pain. And in expressing this a therapist can really help you tune in to what you need from that session, what is tolerable or healing for you. You have showed up for yourself and hopefully will experience getting what you need through that.

What would it be like to show up for yourself more often?

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