Where will you go today?

I like sign-posts. Strange but true. I like the implication of choice, journey, mystery. And sometimes comfort. In a fit of creativity my children and I made a sign post yesterday. Unlike some of our craft projects, it turned out well and we were all very satisifed. It was a democratic project Рwe all got to choose mythical places that meant something to us. We all helped.

2015-05-27 001

And we all recognised that although our choices were different, they were all valid and meaningful to the chooser.

Here’s another signpost I found, mossy and mysterious, in a piece of ancient woodland in Wales.

2014-07-31 021

I like the ambiguity. It is not giving much away about destination. These tracks are definitely about the journey and not the goal.

I wonder what your personal signpost would look like? What would it say about you? Would you be happy about your initial ideas or want to change it?